Yellowstone National Park

This area is known as the "Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone." Mug shots taken by the guide of the trip planner (right) and the photographer (left).
Headed for the slough river in the Northeast corner. Straight ahead is BearTooth Pass which lies just outside the park.
One of our favorite shots taken by the trip planner of the guide fishing the Slough. The stories of 15" Cutthrouts are true. Their waryness is also true. We watched fish come up to our flies and turn to "get a good look." We didn't fool as many as we had hoped.
A ten thousand foot peak next to Hart Lake. Another gorgous day. Another breath taking view.
Hey, you'd look grungy too after six days in the wilderness! We checked for Trolls before crossing this one.
It was amazing how many natural geysers there are in the park. Those who don't hike, only see the few near the roads surrounded by boardwalks and warning signs. These you could walk right up to.
The sulfur and caustic soda run-off would often change courses and kill established vegetation. In August, it's pretty hot and dry through out the park.
I should have crossed the road to shoot this one. The daytime speedlimit reads: "Reasonable and Prudent." Hmmm... "But officer, 120MPH IS Reasonable and Prudent in my Maserati."