Getting off the plane in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye from Gallon Jug on the mainland. We had to go to the ministers office to make final arrangements for the wedding. In exchange for a better deal, Russ fixed his computer.
Jill before the wedding. Does she look nervous? The wedding cake. This came from San Pedro and survived a boat ride without a cover.
The ceremony. It was held one the beach next to our cabana. The palm trees provided shade for us in our hot clothing.
Displaying a little humor after the ceramony. We were both bare-foot. Jill's signs the papers next to the label, "Spinster"
Russ signs the paper work next to the label, "Divorced" "Whew! Now that that's over with, we can relax and have fun!"
And here's the happy couple sitting on a hammock. And here's... yeah, yeah. And here's the happy couple.