Taz was born June 25, 1999. Here he is pictured at three months old and his first time outside.
He is a bit more assertive than most kittens his age. For as wild looking he is, his temperament is surprisingly sweet.
He is remarkably intelligent and has gotten quite good at the game of "Fetch." It's hard not to spoil this guy. How can you say "no" to eyes like that?
Like most cats, he spends between sixteen and eighteen hours a day totally sacked out. He probably spends another four hours just lying around.
The rest of the time he is flying around the place at near light speeds. He can be quite tough on the other denizens. Here is a before and after picture of one of his favorite playmates. He can get a little weird too.
One of the things Taz learned at an early age is the concept of "permanance", the awareness of objects out of view. Many cats never learn this. At five months, his full colors are comming in nicely.
His ears seem to grow faster than he does. Here is Taz chasing the flying bird toy back before he ate all of the feathers on it.

Checking out the neighbors. Rats, they moved the tuna again. Maybe the tuna is in here.
Who me? I didn't do it.
I'm sure they can't see me now.
You have bad hair days, I have bad ear days.
I could eat both of those little dogs for breakfast. Very funny. How long do I have to sit in here?
Yup, I'm good looking and don't forget it.
That was fun, let's play fetch again.