Boston Marathon 2000

The entire Boston 2000 Club Run Team. Jill's team at the finish line! Apres Boston, drinking a beer while watching Grandma's Training teams run the "Boston Hill workout".

Sports - 1997 to 1998

The crew after a half marathon in 1997. Rick, Jill & Russ taking the poster shot since we didn't get any good live shots on the water. Russ cutting the wake behind Rick's boat.
Russ and Jill running the 50K leg of the Ed Fitz early in the race. Four hours later, Jill is rehydrating and Russ is trying to put the fire out in his legs in the forty-degree water of Lake Superior. Jill with her Boston marathon training team.
Loren, Jill and Kris at the finish of the Boston marathon. Denny and Russ sharing a beer after the Lincoln marathon after not seeing each other for years. Ron, Pam, Jill and Russ having a fun day together after the first Rock-n-Roll marathon.
A bunch of the Rock-n-Roll training team at the San Diego Zoo after the race. One of the many excellent shots the official photographers missed at Ed Fitz.
Russ running a 25K leg of the Ed Fitz. Russ and Dave helping Jill finish her 50K leg of the Ed Fitz. The Ed Fitz gang freezing our butts off after the race.