One of the gardens in Munich. Europe has graffitti as in the USA but it appears more artistic and conveys non-violent themes.
One of the advertisements we found particularly amusing in Germany was that of a group of well dressed people at Octoberfest. In this country, one holds a big mug and smiles at the camera. There, they were pictured chugging beer like there was no tomorrow. Here is our rendition of that advertisement.
This sculpture sits in a square in Florence. It was interesting to note that the head is sculpted significantly larger so that the view from the ground gives even purportions. Mug shot of the photographer on this trip.
A candid shot of the chief trip planner. Great research job! The Duomo was one of our favorite cathedrals. The red, green and white are the natural colors of the marble used.
Outside shot of the Louvre. What a massive building. People have told us that they spent a day there and saw most of it. Hah. At a dead run with NO stopping, maybe.
Some works inside. Sacre Coure was one of the prettiest cathedrals (from the outside) in Paris Germany with relatives.