Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness


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Spring 2000

Jill and Russ plan a 5-day solo trip going into Entry Pt. # 69.. The first day was difficult, with a very strong headwind. We managed only 2 1/2 hrs. of paddeling. We picked the first camp site we saw, and settled in to enjoy the remaining sunshine.
Expecting another headwind to make for a slow trip, we modified our route for a 3-day excursion. Luckily, the following day the wind turned to our tail, and we made awesome time. But the rain and wind were so bad that everyone else stayed at their sites, making it difficult to find one.
We paddled/portaged for 8 hrs until we found a site. It was raining so hard, we set up shelter in the trees and drank hot coffee and soup until it was clear enough to put the tent up. With the rain, we went to bed at 4pm, but didn't fall asleep until 11pm. Thank goodness for crossword puzzles! The weather brightened this third day, but we were only 3 hours from the end of our route!


Fall 1999

Paddlers for this trip were Russ, Jill, Dave and Gregg. Loading up the boats at the entry point dock. A breath-taking view of the area. Stopping for lunch at a portage point.
The canoes beached for the night. The guide (Dave) as seen by the photo-journalist (Gregg) for most of the trip. Another fabulous view.
It was pretty wet and rainy for a couple of days. A rainy sunset. This giant orange fungus is supposedly edible. We, of course, left it alone.
Another night with the beached canoes. They look a bit like the bellies of whales. One of the larger lakes on the route. The storm was just breaking up.
Lunch at a portage point. Not another Clif Bar and Gorp!! Another spectacular view of the area. Another great sunset.
Jill and Gregg's view for much of the trip. A great candid shot of our guide munching on his staple of cashews and Candykorn. Ho-hum another (yawn) sunset.
Shelf fungus was pretty common on dead trees here. Some of it got quite large. Border crossing into the BWCAW. This was our exit point. Going home.