Mountain Biking

The Lebanon footage

Here is some video of various rides in Lebanon.. Please note some of these files are over 20MBs. The first two are smaller. Click on the picture to play the movie.

Combined Footage 2MB

Terry Biffs 1MB




The Crew

This is the Core Team of the Mountain Biking Crew. Core Team means these are the serious riders -- or at least the ones that show up on a regular basis. We ride all of the great trails in the area.


Mike has ridden longer than most of us combined -- and it shows. He usually kicks our butts when he finds time to join us.

Tony looks a bit smug but has earned the right. This man has mastered the art of the Endo (which is short for end-over or put another way, an immediate, involuntary, forward dismount over the handle-bars.) Notice, no broken bones or bruises. Tony, you-da-man.

Don't let Todd's mild manner fool you. Give him a trail with lots of steep climbs and he'll be at the top having lunch waiting for your sorry behind to catch up.


This is Rick. He demonstrates week after week that suspension systems, clip-pedals, helmets and other expensive accessories are for wimps. Shows up and a steel-frame hard-tail, hard-fork and kicks butt day after day

Russ showing that when you are getting ready to ride the Farm, you have to look real mean and tough. Seems to work -- no broken bones.

Mike demonstrates that with the right technique, wings and propulsion systems are quite unnecessary for extended flight.


Russ demonstrates that using the correct mixture of ancient martial disciplines and meditation, gravity becomes a mere illusion.

Tony relaxing at Brueggars after a great morning ride.

Paul is the newest member of the team. He's young and surly. Had to smash up his old straight-fork/hard tail just so he could buy a "real" bike.

Winter Riding in the River Bottoms

Depending on precipitation, temperature, etc. it has been possible to ride almost all year.


Nine mile creek Ferry boat

The man, the myth, the legend.

The "rope bridge."

Pile of wood with snow pack.

I feel good.

I've fallen and I don't want to get up ... just yet.

Checking the back tire pressure is a critical aspect of winter riding.

Not quite frozen enough to ride across yet.

Can you actually get across on this thing?


Time to punt.