The place we stayed at in the jungle of Belize is known as Chan Chich Lodge. It is built on an unescavated Mayan ruin in the remote jungle of the Orange Walk district in the Northwest region of Belize. The lodge is mostly frequented by bird enthusiasts but the area is rich in other fauna and flora as well.
Getting off the puddle jumper from Belize City to Gallon Jug. It was Jill's first flight on a little plane. Five minutes off of the plane in the jungle and we see three inch beetles.
This building houses the restaurant, main lobby and the bar. This is a view of our cabana from on top of a Mayan temple.
A view of the lush jungle. The grounds crew were constantly working. The Oriole-like nests in the large tree in the upper left hand corner are made by the Oripendulum (sp?) bird.
It was amazing to see so many house plants growing outside. Swiss Cheese Philadendron, 40' high with 2' leaves.
It seems no matter what tropical area you are in, you see an abundance of banana trees. This flower is related to the banana plant.
The Give and Take Palm has dangerous spikes on the bark which can be counteracted with a pith growing in the crown. This leaf is used to thatch the roofs.
Can't have a web page without the token mug-shots of the perpetrators. The better (looking) half of the camera crew.
The Coatimundi is a colorful relative to our native Racoon. Even the wild turkeys are much more colorful than our own.
This gorgeous area is known as the Laguna Sac Bird Sanctuary. The marshes here have a little bird that runs across the lilly pads and is known as the "Jesus Christ Bird" for it's illusionary ability to walk on water.

In the second half of our visit to Belize, we stayed on the island known as Ambergris Caye. We stayed at a remote little resort known as Mata Chica.
An early morning view from our cabana. The line on the edge of the horizon is the coral reef break. The snorkeling here was fabulous. This is a one hundred and fifty pound grouper.
There is a nice mix of corals here including brilliant purple fan corals. Note the knee coral at the bottom. This Spotted Batray was a little to photograph. He was fifteen feet down and somewhat flighty.
The sunrises and sunsets were just gorgeous. Wow, another day, another sunrise. This resort was far enough away from San Pedro to be quite remote and rustic.
Our cabana some sixty feet from the beach. Another gorgeous sunrise. Looks like a sunset.