It's only taken us a year to put pictures up of Alia. Remember to click on the picture to see the full size version and then hit the browser back button to return to this page.

Alia was born by Ceasarian birth in August of 2001 It was amazing to watch and be a part of it.
Getting to know this new little creature was a whole new experience. Even at the beginning they have a personality.
Finding time to exercise, or for that matter, do anyting else was difficult at the beginning.. Sleep is very important at this age. Mom & Dad worked to hard to ensure they got enough..
The changes through the first year were remarkable.. Grandma's bibs really helped keep the clothes clean when Alia started eating solid food..
Hey wait, I'm the one who should get to rest after all the hard word today.. Growing up so fast.
When the kid goes down, catch up on your own sleep if you can. Nephew lane practicing his parental skills. Alia isn't quite sure whether to give him a passing grade..
We startup them young, but everyone has to bring home the bacon in this house.. Life really hasn't gotten that much more complex....
Taz enjoys Alia's toys enough to even get in the pool. Crash......
Chewing a little Nebraska lawn grass.. Drying off after swimming lessons. Need to start young if you are going to be an Olympian..
Alia and Taz got along almost right away.. Picture with Alia's other favorite beast, the "Razamataz".
A pensive look at the Taos Peublos. Vacations really take a different spin with children..
Riding down the stairs in the laundary basket... Dad, can we do that again?. Dad and daughter bonding while watching, er, um, CNN?
Whazup? Another Alia fashion statement.