About this web site


This site is designed as a series of story boards. Each story board has thumbnail pictures that when selected, will load the full size image shown. To return to the story board, simply select the back button on your browser.


This web site is intended for friends and family. We love to travel and take pictures. We are often asked about these travels and rarely have photo albums with us. With this web site, we simply tell everyone about the URL.


All material on this web site is strictly copyright and may not be altered or redistributed in any form without prior written consent. This means that it is illegal for any web site owner, operator or employee thereof to re-use any content on this site in any shape or form. As friends and family, you are free to save the images to your hard drive and print the images on your printer. If you desire usage beyond that, contact us and let us know what you want to do. Most likely, we'll allow it. We are reasonable people.